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We company Mayakawa sejahtera Based in Indonesia , Clothing Manufacturer for Brands That Want to Stand Out House2 Fashion Development & Custom Clothing Manufacturer Branded non-branded, Also, we stand on to sell apparel stock lot cancel order and Fabric stock lot, journey with us, find out more about requirements and what it takes to get started, whether you’re starting from ground zero, or if you already have a couple of ideas up your sleeve. Start with the preparation of ideas, and when you’re ready to roll, send us.


Here's How We Can Help You

From garments to custom tags and packaging, get everything you need made under one roof with us. Our multi-disciplinary, all-rounded approach means we take care of the entire supply chain, so that you can save time, money and effort from dealing with multiple clothing manufacturers.

Your Inventory Risk Prevent deadstock, oversupply and wastage of resources with our small MOQ of just 6 designs of 80-100 pieces per design. With this, you will be able to discover as a new brand what works and what doesn’t—and all without hurting our planet or incurring huge costs.

Bring Creative Ideas to Life, share your concept and vision with us, and we’ll help you bring them to life. We take care of developing your ideas and spearheading the clothing manufacturing process, so that you have one less worry, and can focus on marketing and building your brand. Behind You All the Way

We practice a collaborative working approach where we regard ourselves as members of your team. We’re always here to help, and we’re with you at every step of the way—that means, How Are We Different from The Others? with us, you’ll never be alone through your manufacturing journey.

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