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Identifying Wholesalers

1. Purchase from online wholesale marketplaces. 
There are a wide range of online marketplaces that specialize in wholesale clothing and fashion. You’ll have access to a large variety of online clothing styles, colors, and sizes without having to leave your home. Most sites require membership to purchase the clothing, but sign-up is usually free.[5]
You can use a general search engine, such as Google, to search for terms like “wholesale clothing marketplace,” and track down a wide variety of options.
You can also visit search engines or directories specifically for wholesalers, such as Wholesale Central, which usually have a section dedicated to clothing.

2. Visit your region’s fashion district. 
If you prefer to shop for wholesale clothing in person, check to see if your area has a fashion district. They are often found in big cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, and feature hundreds of clothing wholesalers and manufacturers in a condensed area. Not only can you pick out premade clothing to buy, you can have manufacturers custom make clothing items for wholesale.
Shopping in person allows you to check out the quality and appearance of the clothing before you commit to purchasing it.
Depending on where you live, wholesale clothing made locally may be more expensive than other options. For example, if you live in the U.S., wholesale clothing made locally typically costs more than options purchased from other countries.
Visiting wholesalers in person allows you to establish a relationship with the sellers, which can help you buy clothing wholesale going forward.

3. Attend trade shows.

If you want to have a wider range of wholesale clothing options but still shop in person, a trade show is good option. Wholesalers set up booths with their clothing options, and you can place orders for the items that you like.[6]
Websites such as Wholesale Central often have calendars with trade shows that are of interest to people looking to buy wholesale. Check the calendar for apparel or fashion trade shows taking place in your area that you can attend.

4. Search for overseas wholesalers for lower prices. 
If you’re looking to save money, finding wholesalers in other countries can mean lower prices. For example, there are a wide variety of wholesale clothing companies in China where you may be able to get a good deal. Search engines such as GlobalSources.com and Alibaba.com can help you identify overseas clothing manufacturers.[7]
When you're dealing with wholesalers in other countries, there may be a language barrier. It may be easier to use written communication to talk to your contacts because you can use translation software to help you.

5. Set up a Skype account to communicate with wholesalers. 
Whether you're dealing with overseas wholesalers or domestic options that are located across the country, a Skype account allows for face to face communication. This can often help improve your business relationships, which can help with future purchases.[8]
Keep in mind that if you’re dealing with wholesalers and manufacturers in other countries, you’ll have to deal with time zone differences when discussing business.

6. Shop at closeout companies if you don't have a wholesale license. 
You can often purchase clothing at wholesale prices from closeout companies, which typically sell stock that manufacturers are looking to get rid of at greatly reduced prices. You may have a local closeout company warehouse that you can shop at in person, but there are a variety of online closeout companies as well.[9]
You can find closeout companies by doing a basic internet search. It helps to use “clothing” or “apparel” as key words in your search as well.

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